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Mabel Ojeda was born in Valdivia, Chile, where she got a Bachelor's degree in Food Engineering. After working a harvest in New Zealand, she discovered her passion for wine, which led her on a winemaking journey through the USA, Australia, Austria, Chile, France, Switzerland, South Africa, and finally back to the Napa Valley, where she lives and works today.



Originally from Bloomington, Indiana, where his family has made wine and grown grapes for over 35 years. Andy Butler grew up in the wine business, spending his youth working in the cellars and vineyards of his family. In 2010, he moved to California, and began working in Napa Valley, which he has called home ever since.


Mabel and Andy met through mutual friends while living and working in the Napa Valley. Both coming from winemaking backgrounds, their shared passion for wine immediately brought them together, and after dating for a few years they got married at Andy's family's vineyard in Bloomington, Indiana. 

Mabel's experience working vintages around the world, and Andy's time making wine in climates as diverse as Indiana and California, has widened their winemaking perspectives and interest in discovery.

This has led them to this project today, with a simple goal in mind: to make the wines that they like to drink and share with friends. This includes a philosophy to make wines that express themselves without over manipulation in the cellar, and farming in line with respecting the natural world. In doing so, they have begun to find unique vineyards around California with soil and climate that lend themselves to fresh yet complex wines.

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